Terms & Conditions


The maximum number of passengers is based on the type of boat you choose.
The boats and engines are new and have been fully inspected and serviced before each delivery.
We take no responsibility for any mechanical or other damage caused to the boat by your fault on board as well as for the loss of part or all of the equipment there is in the boat when delivered.

Prices include: insurance, ice cooler, swim ladder, all the life saving equipment- fire extinguishers according to Greek legislation and depending on the type of boat, GPS-sonar, water tank with shower, anchor.

The Boat is delivered to the renter with full fuel tank, the cost of the fuel (unleaded petrol only) is borne exclusively by the renter.

Additional charges will be applied upon request for the drop off and pick up of the boat at another point than the boat’s headquarters.
Boats can be rented for one or more days.

The renter must necessarily have a legitimate permit to operate a high speed craft.


According to the General Port Regulation (G.K.L.) no. 38 regulating the leasing of motor boats and speedboats small vessels:

  • For each boat rental the permit to operate must be blue (not green as the recreational permits) and must state that it is professional.
  • At the license of the hired boat the destination must be specifically mentioned with the following sentence in red: “HIRED ACCORDING TO THE PROVISIONS OF N° 38 OF THE GENERAL PORT REGULATION”.
  • Offenders are punished with a fine of up to forty thousand (40,000.00€).
  • The renter shall submit to the owner for the rental:


(a) The original permit to operate a vessel and a hired vessel
(b) A copy of the insurance policy
(c) A certified copy of the rental license
(d) Copies of General Port Regulations (G.K.L) No. 20, 23 regulating the motion and movement of motor boats and speed boats as well as a copy of the G.K.L. No. 38.