Boat Rentals

Our boat rental procedure is easy and straightforward. You can view availability by selecting the boat you like the most below. Book your adventure now! A 50% deposit of the total cost is required to complete the boat reservation. Our boat rental fleet includes speedboats that are perfect for exploring the beautiful coastline of Paros.

Our boats are well-maintained and equipped with all the necessary safety equipment. Our experienced and knowledgeable skippers are always happy to share the Aegean’s secrets and guide you to the best spots around the island. Whether you want to explore hidden coves, go snorkeling, or simply enjoy a day out on the water with family and friends, our boat rental service is a perfect choice. So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to experience the beauty of Paros, be sure to book your boat today!

Private Transport

Offer yourself the ultimate definition of luxury and convenience with a private shuttle offered by a high speed boat. Choose one of our boats to cover all your transport needs from Paros in the fastest, safest, and most luxurious & discreet way. If you want to move quickly, safely and in style to any island you choose, SEACRET is here to make your wish come true. Avoiding the hassle of typical sea routes and forgetting the queues in the harbors, especially during the summer season, through this service, you can design your schedule easily and improve the quality of your vacation.

Move quickly and safely and make the most of your precious time.

Villa Tenders

Combine your luxurious stay on the island with a high speed boat rental. We offer you the exclusive opportunity to combine your stay in a luxurious villa of high standards with an inflatable boat waiting for you just outside your door to help you escape 24 hours a day every day of the week.

Our captains are at your disposal and can help you with any need you may have during your rental period.

Eliminate any inconvenience that may be caused by busy roads or typical sea transports and move in style and flexibility saving valuable time that you can spend relaxing with the soft sounds of waves and white seagulls wandering around the tranquil turquoise waters or you can relax and play with your kids after a busy day at work.

Get access to the most remote areas of the island you live on or to other islands, while enjoying the same luxury and comfort of your Villa or holiday house wherever you go.

Auxiliary Boat Rental - Rib Tender

Our company has excellent performance boats for rent as yacht tender.

Highly reliable vessels of 8.5, 7 or 5.5 meters with the ability to carry 6 to 10 people offering high standard navigation in all kinds of weather conditions with comfort and safety for the passengers.

Special Services

We offer additional packages for you to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy your trip!

Tell us about your preferences and the package will be waiting for you on the boat on the day of your reservation!

We can also supply you with food and beverages according to your needs upon request.

Personalized Tours

Exploring the island by sea is the best way to discover its beauty. If you wish a boat ride with your friends, at your own plan and schedule, we can give you this opportunity. Contact us to arrange the schedule you wish.

Activities for Both Young & Old
Boat Fishing:

Seacret Cruises organises fishing days in the south of Paros and Antiparos with coaching by experienced anglers with a deep knowledge of the sea and with whom you can share your passion and your experiences.

For the more adventurous, or for those who want to fully enjoy a weekend on the prestigious Seacret Cruises boats, we organise “all inclusive” fishing weekends. These are the ideal formula with which to dedicate yourself to the sport and relax aboard a yacht facing the unique scenery of the Paros Island and Cyclades.

Rock Diving:

Whether you’re doing a quick summer day-trip away from the city or locking in for a bigger weekend away – in Paros you can find some gorgeous beaches and rock “pools” to immerse yourself in nature, all with a little side of excitement.

There’s a whole suite of coastal cliffs or rocky edges just a short sail away waiting for you to jump off and plunge into the cool depths below. Varying between 4 and 15 meters high you could choose the difficulty level you are filling comfortable, or make your adrenaline to explode.


If you’re looking for a unique place for snorkelling in Paros with turquoise water, plenty of wildlife, or even a plane crash underwater*, you are on the right page!
We’ll sail to the South side of the island and also to Antiparos most famous spots. Our experience takes place in a semi-hidden cove and caves, known mainly to locals, where conditions are the best for snorkelling with the most to see.
Paros and Antiparos are very rocky islands with deep water close to the shore. This, coupled with the pristine water that surrounds the island, means that snorkelling in Paros is absolutely amazing.

Tip! The beaches in Paros are usually quite full of swimmers, especially in summer, but surprisingly there are only few divers and snorkellers at the best snorkelling spots you could only reach by boat.

The best time to snorkel in Paros is from May to October.

*In a small cove with a beautiful beach, lies a German plane of the type Arado, a remnant of World War II, in a dive suitable for both scuba and snorkelling.


Paros is surrounded by a long coast line, and along with that comes rich aquatic resources. Spearfishing is one of the main source income of locals. But if you’re a visitor and you want to catch your dinner, can you spearfish?

Scuba Diving:

An incredible way to observe an entirely different world, and one of those skills every traveler should have in their back pocket - is obviously scuba diving. The sense of calm that washes over you once you’re floating at least 10 meters down, is unique. You can meet the underwater life and its treasures, the amazing liquid environment and wildlife that your land-loving friends will never know. If you need more active vacations, then scuba diving is the way.

Free Diving:

Did you once hold your breath in the blue sea?
Then you have free-dived. By holding your breath and going underwater, Free Diving is a natural, and the easiest way to explore the whole magical aqua world. You can free yourself in order to enjoy the beauty and the silence of the Aegean sea. The crystal clear water of Cyclades make Paros a favourite freediving destination.
If you haven’t already tried it, now you have the chance with Seacret Cruises and you might be surprised by your body’s ability to adapt in the water.


For all those who like sports and want to try something exciting. Feel full of energy with an indescribable sense of freedom. Ride both on the surface and under water easily and quickly. The board with the special hole allows you to observe the bottom as you ride!

Travel Video Recording - Virtual Reality

Keep the moments of your travel alive and share videos and photos from the air and underwater, capturing in the best possible way the beauty of the landscape you are visiting.

Our company has state-of-the-art drone, underwater camera and virtual reality glasses for a special experience, watching your journey through the eyes of a bird.

Request a special offer for editing the video of your own trip. Because time flies but memories last forever.