paros beaches


Paros Beaches


A scenic beach lined with palm trees in the water, a sandy beach with warm water. There is a camping and a restaurant with great kitchen, refreshments, coffee, ice cream. You cannot miss it.


The beach of Aliki is small and sandy with organized and free space suitable for families with children. There is a kiosk where you can buy refreshments, cafes, picturesque restaurants on the sea and bars for the late afternoon.


Close to Naoussa the picturesque village of Ampelas with its strong island character can be found. There one can swim in the small harbor, in the bay or look for an even quieter option at Aspros Gremos with its warm waters. Fresh fish is served everywhere in the local restaurants. A quiet retreat and tranquility close to the bustling Naoussa that satisfy even the most demanding traveler.


Delphini (or Souvlia) is a mixture of golden sand and pebbles of approximately 150m length. The bottom deepens gently so it is quite safe for young and older swimmers. Souvlia beach looks over the bay of Paroikia, the Cape of Agios Fokas. About 150 meters from the coast is a small rocky island with a rather unusual feature, a small underwater cave where you can swim. Just be careful in the area around the islet because it can be full of sea urchins.


At the village Dryos, located at the east of Paros, the homonymous beach lies that follows the pattern of the area, characterized by the presence of water that favors the flora and offers a beautiful picture with the plants and the blue waters. There is also a marina for private boats in the area, while the beach is sheltered from the strong winds. Natural rocks create a type of caves, the “boathouses”, known from antiquity. Pleasant stay in rented apartments and hotel rooms.


Pure, blue waters and a small bay with warm waters, trees and tamarisks offer rich shade. There is also a nice restaurant with organic food and a small canteen behind the beach.


A beach with a distinctive character because of the different shades of soil that contain clay. A beach known for its healing properties, a natural spa offered at every visitor. The beach took its name from its nearby rock, which has the form of a monk who committed suicide at that point. Deep clear waters. Beware of the waves created when ships come out of the bay.


The view of the harbor, the sheltered location from the wind and the well-organized beach bar offer a wonderful experience to the visitor from morning to sunset or later.


Great beach with shallow waters and a golden sandy beach with huge space and scarcely exploited! The best choice for windsurfing fans!


Livadia, the closest beach of Parikia, with clear waters, sandy beach and easy access from the port. The beach offers umbrellas and sun beds while there are water sports facilities. The beach has the advantage of being in the residential area of Parikia and thus combines the stay at the nearby accommodation with swimming and all the services visitors may need.


A quiet beach not easily accessible to everyone. Sand hills, cedar trees and tamarisks, crystal clear waters, striking colors, with no umbrellas or sun beds. An alternative paradise for anyone who wants a change from the usual. Also suitable for nudism.


Large sandy beach and clear waters overlooking the Cycladic houses of Parikia. Ideal for families and young people with a free and organized space where one can find beach bars and restaurants. There is also camping in the area.


Large spacious beach with splendid clear waters and a large beach bar at its center, just a few minutes from the port of Parikia!


In the lap of two low hills lies the large shore covered with sand and gravel where the ancient potteries of Paros are historically located. The beach has no umbrellas and it is more traditional and quiet overlooking Naxos.


Beautiful sandy beach with turquoise crystal clear waters and a nice seabed. One of its highlights is the easy access and the restaurants right behind the beach for eating after swimming. Perhaps one of the quietest beaches in Paros … where you can enjoy the clear sea and friendly environment with your family or friends.


Beautiful sandy beach with turquoise crystal clear waters and a nice seabed. One of its highlights is the easy access and the restaurants right behind the beach for eating after swimming. Perhaps one of the quietest beaches in Paros … where you can enjoy the clear sea and friendly environment with your family or friends.


Perhaps the most picturesque port of Paros. It attracts most people during the summer both for its nightlife and the marina with boats (tourist and fishing ones). Historic monuments as well as busy narrow streets with people and shops make it a must visit destination.


A unique miniature of the Gold Beach, much more greener with some of the largest hotels of the island located there!


Beautiful crystal clear waters, shallower and warmer than in other beaches as the bay in which it is located does not allow strong winds to spoil your swim! Suitable for windy days! Organized with sun beds .. toilets and showers. For the hiking fans, there are a lot of bays where you can experience swimming away from the busy spots.


Small beach with gravel and big waves on windy days. At the entrance of Naoussa, a convenient choice for locals and those without transport means. Next to it there is a quieter, even smaller beach, called Piperaki!


Beautiful beach overlooking the Portes islets, crystal clear waters and magnificent sunset. Long beach where the blue sky meets the sea at the horizon!


Two islands between Paros and Antiparos attract thousands of speedboat and clean water lovers each year. An unspoiled area, without beach and land access offers the experience of exploration. Unique green waters, groups of yachts from all over the world, make the area special and provide an unparalleled experience for those who have the opportunity to visit it over sea and dive there.


Organized small beach with deep waters within a small and picturesque bay. A safe from the winds and organized beach known for the happenings and the fun offered by its beach bars during the day.


Beautiful small beach in the village. Sandy, crystal clear, with natural shade from the big tamarisk trees, with no umbrellas or sun beds, but with plenty of cafes and restaurants. A picturesque harbor that attracts those looking for a quiet stay, especially if you are traveling with your family.


Right outside Naoussa there is this beautiful, sandy beach. The sea is not deep, the waves are rarely large, while the breeze is always cool. It is suitable for young children. There are a lot of accommodation options and hotel units nearby.


The gorgeous bay of Tripiti with the turquoise waters and the white sand with its unique landscape that makes it stand out when seen from above!


The second longest beach of Paros with its beautiful blue waters and one of the most special beach bars on the island! Opportunities for lots of sports, space with umbrellas as well as plenty of free space for tourists with their own umbrellas.


Beautiful family beach with Naxos at its background, ideal for everyone and of any age!! Food, drink, music! And for the lovers of the underwater world, scuba diving!!


Quiet and non organized beach exposed to the winds thus suitable for surfing! Decorated by the greenery and the trees that surround it!