rent grand 8.50 in paros

Cobra 6.65


Our Cobra 6.65 is the kind of RIB that everyone loves. It takes you almost everywhere, fast. We call it “Dimitrios” and it features one 200 horsepower Yamaha engine and a smaller 15 horsepower Mercury engine; its top speed is 50 knots. It comfortably accommodates 7 passengers on its 6.65 by 2.6 meter space. In the hands of our experienced skippers, it is a unique boat to take a cruise at. 


Total Length: 6.65 m

Total Width: 2.60 m

Passengers: 7

Fuel Tank: 200 lt

Engines: 1 x Yamaha 200hp + 1 x Mercury 15hp

Cruising Speed: 27knts

Maximum Speed: 50knts

Average Consumption: 1.2l/m