Villa Tenders

Villa Tenders

Combine your luxurious stay on the island with a high speed boat rental. We offer you the exclusive opportunity to combine your stay in a luxurious villa of high standards with an inflatable boat waiting for you just outside your door to help you escape 24 hours a day every day of the week.

Our captains are at your disposal and can help you with any need you may have during your rental period.

Eliminate any inconvenience that may be caused by busy roads or typical sea transports and move in style and flexibility saving valuable time that you can spend relaxing with the soft sounds of waves and white seagulls wandering around the tranquil turquoise waters or you can relax and play with your kids after a busy day at work.

Get access to the most remote areas of the island you live on or to other islands, while enjoying the same luxury and comfort of your Villa or holiday house wherever you go.

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