If you’re looking for a unique place for snorkelling in Paros with turquoise water, plenty of wildlife, or even a plane crash underwater*, you are on the right page!
We’ll sail to the South side of the island and also to Antiparos most famous spots. Our experience takes place in a semi-hidden cove and caves, known mainly to locals, where conditions are the best for snorkelling with the most to see.

Paros and Antiparos are very rocky islands with deep water close to the shore. This, coupled with the pristine water that surrounds the island, means that snorkelling in Paros is absolutely amazing.

Tip! The beaches in Paros are usually quite full of swimmers, especially in summer, but surprisingly there are only few divers and snorkellers at the best snorkelling spots you could only reach by boat.

The best time to snorkel in Paros is from May to October.

*In a small cove with a beautiful beach, lies a German plane of the type Arado, a remnant of World War II, in a dive suitable for both scuba and snorkelling.