About us

The Company | We are our experiences

We create unique experiences for you in the Aegean blue!

Greece is full of “secret” hidden sea treasures waiting to be discovered and explored. We created SEACRET CRUISES to share our passion for the Greek seas with people like you. People who are passionate about the endless Greek blue and want to explore destinations they have never imagined before.

People who have it in their DNA to escape from the ordinary and seek unique moments in their lives. People who love to have unique experiences in their lives.

We have organized a team that is ready to meet your expectations in the most exciting way. We continually invest in state-of-the-art vessels and in our people, who design services that suit your needs, your time availability and your budget.

From high speed boat rental services to customized and organized tours with our boats, we are here to change the way you experience a marine escape.

We are here to invite you to the magical world of our inflatable fiberglass boats, where adventure, sense of freedom and style dominate. Whether you are an adventure hunter, a couple, a group of friends or a family who love the sea, we offer you unlimited options to have an unforgettable experience with comfort and safety.

Come on board and get ready to live a unique experience with SEACRET CRUISES

People are happy only when they live passionately. At SEACRET CRUISES, we explore the Greek seas to offer unique experiences that make you escape from everyday life, enjoying the sense of freedom that a high speed boat can offer you! Our passion is reflected in the morning breeze that hits you when you find yourself in the open sea. In the wind that hits you on your face when your boat rides the waves. In the sunset at the end of the day, in the middle of the sea, when the engines are off. Our passion is your smile when you discover the most powdery, unexplored beach of the Aegean sea. When you get to the most cosmopolitan beach of your choice over the sea, when everyone else is just looking for a parking spot.

Speed boats Paros
Family moments

We will never stop serving this passion!

We are different because we offer you...

Professional Boat License

With all the legal documentation

Maximum Passengers’ Safety

Because it is our priority

Fully Comprehensive Insurance on All Boats

We provide fully comprehensive insurance

Monitoring Security 24 hours a day

We inspect the vessels

Owned Brand New vessels

Made special for us

Technical Coverage in case of emergency

You should not worry about anything

Our People

Our sole purpose is to help our clients create unforgettable life experiences.

Although it would be easy to attribute our successes to our high-quality craft, corporate structures, modern facilities and technologies, the reality is this: our people are the ones who make us unique.

Vakakis Dimitris

Liskas George

Our Location

Our facilities are strategically located at the Aliki area of ​​Paros. Just a few minutes from the center of Paros, they offer instant access to inexhaustible destinations.

The location of SEACRET offers you the opportunity to start a unique exploration of the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and escape to several nearby destinations in just a few minutes. To travel to many Cycladic islands quickly, safely and whenever you wish.